Xforce range for housing bearings

Housing bearings for heavy-duty applications are now also available as part of the Findling’s special Xforce product range. They can also handle high loads and rough ambient conditions and are therefore optimally suited for use in conveyor systems, construction machinery, plant construction, agriculture or classic heavy engineering, for example.

Xforce housing bearings are excellent for a large number of demanding operating conditions, for example where there are strong vibrations, high loads or impact stresses. For situations in which housings are subjected to extreme loads, Findling offers the “Extra Solid” design. A reinforced base makes the housing significantly less sensitive to fracturing and its resilience increases many times over. The solid fastening surface prevents the webs from fracturing due to overloading. While the bearing insert fractured during the test in special overloading scenarios, the Xforce series housing withstood the enormous loads and remained intact. Aside from the robust design, the service life is improved in particular by the use of special greases with heavy-duty additives (EP additives). They have special wear-reducing characteristics and guarantee excellent corrosion protection.

Conventional and thus cost-effective greases only make standard performance possible, while solid lubricants increase costs by a lot. EP additives, on the other hand, significantly improve performance and are economically viable. This allows the service life to be multiplied quickly and economically. The Xforce housing bearings have succeeded in doing just that. According to representative comparison tests with selected types, a 6 to 15 times increase in service life was demonstrated compared to premium products with commercially available standard grease and equipment. Xforce housing bearing users also benefit from drastically extended maintenance and lubrication intervals. The special grease resists temperatures of -20 °C to 160 °C and is also resistant to moisture and chemicals. It is not possible to wash out the grease.

Xforce housing bearing
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