Company anniversary: 100 years of torque

With more than 16 million products sold annually, Findling Wälzlager GmbH has proven its responsibility and enthusiasm for rolling bearing technology for 100 years. Founded in 1919, today the company is a highly specialised and globally active player. The innovative strength of the company, which is now in its third generation as an owner-managed company, is unbroken, even after 100 years. In each generation, the feel for the needs of the market has developed at an increasing pace. 100 years in the roller bearing business and still in the fast lane. Managing Director Klaus Findling never ceases to come up with ideas for the evolution of his company. At the moment, he is working on developing Findling Wälzlager into a versatile service company with intelligent roller bearing technology solutions.

Based on the experience and product expertise gained from thousands of customer requirements, the Karlsruhe experts offer a unique portfolio of services, from application technology consulting, damage analysis and service life tests to manufacturer-independent training courses. Thanks to our own production facility for specially greased and modified rolling bearings, complex customer requirements can be implemented flexibly and promptly.

Findling also brings this in-depth expertise to consulting projects. Customers receive qualified support for the auditing of rolling bearing suppliers, their quality and performance testing as well as logistical and technical aspects of series supply. Another service component was recently implemented by Klaus Findling on the company’s website: thanks to the online chat and support ticket functionality, customers benefit from the ability to reach us around the clock.

Innovation runs in the family – something Klaus Findling can only confirm. “My father Klaus-Peter Findling was probably the first German entrepreneur to import roller bearings from Japan, which he did in the early 60s, making him a true pioneer. He drove globalization in the roller bearing market and was always a step ahead thanks to his feel for new markets.” Klaus Findling himself was there for the introduction of the ABEG® method in 2003 as his biggest success. He wanted to make it easier for its customers to choose a technically and economically optimum product on the global roller bearing market. He succeeded in doing so. ABEG® puts roller and plain bearings into different performance classes and thus provides a basis for transparent decision-making. In order to guarantee the best possible quality, Findling monitors its supply plants and is always developing them further. The result is the ability to supply the entire product range in four different performance classes: from simple, basic technology to high-end solutions. Thanks to the accompanying ABEG® Quickfinder selection and computation software, fast and unerring selection of roller or plain bearings is possible and financially worthwhile. The prevention of technical oversizing makes savings of up to 80% possible. “The ABEG® method is our unique selling point on the market. No other company offers anything comparable,” said Klaus Findling. In 2010, Findling launched its own “ABEG® eXtreme” product series on the market. Proven bearing technology is tailor-made for extreme applications in terms of loads, speeds, temperatures or corrosion protection. This concept guarantees an extraordinary service life for the roller bearing and makes a good price/performance ratio possible given short-term availability. These are ideas and innovations that provide true added value for the customer and secure the success of the company for the long term. Since Klaus Findling took over the management of the company in 2001, the volume of roller bearings sold has quadrupled.

Klaus Findling has concrete plans for the future: “We would like to expand the global products and services together with our customers. The past few years have demonstrated that our expertise in roller bearing technology is in very high demand. We at Findling Wälzlager know how to think globally and act locally, take market needs seriously, and successfully face up to this responsibility. We want to make this expertise more and more accessible to our international customers.”

Picture from the year 1956
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