Software-based selection of rolling and plain bearings

The free ABEG® Quickfinder basic beginner’s tool works like a database query about all roller bearing and plain bearing designs. Quick and easy design at

Our in-house selection and computation software solution ABEG® Quickfinder is available to Findling Wälzlager customers in two versions: The free ABEG® Quickfinder basic beginner’s tool can be accessed at and works like a database query across all designs and ABEG® product lines. Roller bearings that meet the technical requirements defined on the design side can be found quickly and independently of the manufacturer using filtering criteria. ABEG® Quickfinder Professional goes one step further: The CAE software (Computer-Aided Engineering) is used for the calculation and design not only of roller bearings in accordance with ISO 281, but also of many other common machine elements, for example shafts, spur gears, planetary stages, springs and fits.

“Our Quickfinder software tools are used in about 70-80 percent of all cases,” says Klaus Findling, Findling Wälzlager GmbH’s Managing Director. “We also use the software MESYS for calculating application-specific bearing technology where a standard solution isn’t possible.” Using this high-quality software, Findling Wälzlager’s application engineers are able to determine the individually suitable roller bearings, including all specifications, and offer the entire range of roller bearing calculation from a single source.

The MESYS software calculates the service life of a bearing based on the load distribution onto the individual rolling elements and therefore not only takes into account a single external force but also loads due to tilting moments as well as the influence of the bearing clearance or lubricant. The software also outputs a stiffness matrix for the bearing that can be used to calculate rotor dynamics. Users also have the option to draw on the extensive knowledge and practical experience of Findling’s roller bearing specialists if internal resources are available only to a limited extent. Findling also offers extensive knowledge on the validation of existing designs and on damage analyses.

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