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Findling Wälzlager ball bearings
roller bearing calculation

The free ABEG® Quickfinder basic beginner’s tool works like a database query about all roller bearing and plain bearing designs. Quick and easy design at

Special for high speeds

Deep groove ball bearings with "electric motor quality" – this is how many providers market their products. Upon closer inspection, the term does not actually mean much since there are no precisely formulated, cross-manufacturer criteria for it. The comprehensive features of Findling Wälzlager’s Xspeed deep-groove ball bearing illustrate which properties are actually important and that a "noise test" is not enough.

ABEG audit

DThe ABEG® method enables comprehensive and manufacturer-independent classification of the global supply of plain bearing and roller bearing technology. It involves auditing and categorizing national and international manufacturers as well as their products and production processes.

Robust despite high speed

High-speed applications require the tightest tolerances, minimal quantities of lubrication, low frictional torque, and high-purity roller bearing greases. In addition to the load caused by high speeds, the resulting increased heat development should also be taken into account. True running accuracy also plays a role with regard to a bearing’s service life. The Xspeed bearing equipment components were tailored specifically to this performance segment.

Xtemp high-temperature bearings

Extremely hot or particularly cold: Not a problem for the latest addition to Findling’s ABEG® eXtreme series. The Xtemp bearings, which will be available soon, are adapted to extreme operating conditions, particularly when it comes to the factors of materials, lubrication, and sealing.

eXtreme series

For roller bearing applications with special requirements under extreme operating conditions, there are now products that were previously not available in this form: efficient, long-lasting, and simultaneously economical and available on short notice.

Track rollers

Track rollers and cam followers are often exposed to aggressive ambient media. That is why reliable rust protection is a decisive factor with respect to their service life.

Seal with groove

The daily work activities of design engineers include selecting and designing roller bearings. This also applies to the further specification of equipment components. This is not always easy, however, because important parameters such as fits, bearing clearance, installation type and bearing type must be taken into consideration. Findling Wälzlager has compiled and evaluated the most common design errors in quality management and gives you practical tips for preventing them.

ABEG method

Companies are feverishly looking for ways to optimize designs, manufacture products at lower cost, and streamline work processes. For all three aspects, the ABEG® method and Findling Wälzlager GmbH’s expertise provide an option for engineers, buyers and management that allows them to gain advantages effectively during weak economic times.