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Findling Wälzlager ball bearings
New profile and roughness measurement

Recently, a profile and roughness measuring device was added to the Findling Wälzlager quality laboratory. The flexible machine enables different tests to be carried out on roller bearings. This, in turn, helps to ensure seamless quality control from production to outgoing goods.

A look back at 2019

Cover story of "antriebstechnik" – Overview of the Findling solution portfolio for packaging machines with many products made of stainless steel and services such as special greasing with H1 approved lubricants.

Mobile Maschinen

Cover story of the Mobile Maschinen specialist journal – suitable solutions for extreme operating conditions thanks to Findling’s professional application consulting.

Identifying and repairing rolling bearing damage

Rolling bearing damage can have a wide variety of causes and is not necessarily caused by a faulty original product. However, most companies are unable to carry out a detailed damage analysis – good thing Findling Wälzlager’s experts can provide further assistance here: Damage analysis is part of the service portfolio. Findling Wälzlager acts as an independent partner that looks into the causes of the ball bearing defects and helps solve problems.

with valuable tips based on theory and practice

Making good even better: Findling Wälzlager is constantly adapting its modular training program for roller bearing technology. For example, the content of introductory modules 1 and 2, which teach and go into depth about the basics of roller bearing technology, was modified. They now allow you to get even more added value because valuable tips based on theory and practice pave the way for a true competitive advantage. The subject training introduced within the past year, which covers various…

Findling Wälzlager has invested in a new digital microscope that makes optical 2D and 3D measurements with a measurement resolution of 0.05 µm possible. The microscope can visualize roller bearing surfaces in 3D and magnify them 2000x. This allows processes in quality assurance, damage analysis, and complaint management to be optimized and accelerated.

Special greasing from Findling

Findling Wälzlager has invested in two dosing systems for roller bearing grease as well as in a special cleaning system. This makes it possible to produce special bearings on small and medium scales of up to 1000 units per batch size. The cleaning system guarantees oil-free roller bearing surfaces with a surface tension in line with VDA of 40 mN/m such that even high-quality PTFE greases can be reliably processed.

The right roller bearing selection

There are a lot of popular misconceptions when it comes to the selection of roller bearings. A good example of this is the myth regarding the load capacity of roller bearings: the specification of the load factor in the catalog and above all the overall correct technical specification are both crucial in determining the performance of a bearing. When making the right selection, the bearing clearance and fit also play a decisive role in addition to the cage.

roller bearing calculation

The free ABEG® Quickfinder basic beginner’s tool works like a database query about all roller bearing and plain bearing designs. Quick and easy design at