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What should you do if the best product has already long since been built and the costs seem to be excessive?
What’s needed is a scout in the jungle of the global roller bearing market. We will show you the hidden possibilities.

We will continuously monitor the market for you and look for new technical solutions and attractive procurement opportunities so that we can help you easily access the entire world market. We are your global scout and will facilitate your roller bearing selection and procurement. Learn more and find out about all the new features waiting for you in ABEG®.

We are revolutionizing the world of roller bearing procurement.

Six facts about ABEG®

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Measure your foundation

Measuring your foundation of roller bearing technology in use is now possible with simple and easy steps – a solid basis for your first experience with optimum roller bearing procurement using ABEG®.

  • Where are you today?
  • What products are you currently using?
  • What technologies and innovations available worldwide are you already using?

You can discover all of ABEG®’s potential quickly and easily for yourself right now.

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Minimalists and shapers – enthusiastic ABEG® customers.


Minimalists are brand-oriented. They have only a few suppliers, but they are well-known. They concentrate on their suppliers’ technical capabilities and look for suitable solutions in their product range. Oversized designs are a necessary evil or even a pleasant side effect of more security and durability.


Shapers are impatient and demanding. For them, a design solution should be optimized in every way. They regularly inform themselves about new technical innovations and get angry if their current supplier doesn’t immediately have a suitable solution in their product range. Oversizing is considered wasteful.