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ABEG® in the food industry

ABEG method - Findling Wälzlager GmbH

ABEG® method

More assurance in your choice of rolling bearings – With ABEG® you will find the technically and economically optimum rolling bearing for every application.

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Quickfinder - Findling Wälzlager GmbH

ABEG® Quickfinder

Choosing the right roller bearing – quickly and easily. Choosing the optimum roller bearing or plain bearing is extremely easy with our online tool ABEG® Quickfinder.

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Deep-groove ball bearings ensure frictionless operation – food processing machinery

Special greasing for roller bearings - Findling Wälzlager GmbH
Special greasing

Who greases rolling bearings? We grease rolling bearings. We offer new perspectives for your mechanical engineering through flexible special greasing.

Housing bearings for rough conditions

Housing bearings
Made from stainless steel or plastic

It’s impossible to imagine food technology and the packaging industry without them: corrosion-resistant housing bearings. Products made of stainless steel and plastic are available, as well as aluminum die-cast housing bearings with stainless steel inserts.

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Hybrid housing bearings
Housing made of stainless steel, bearing insert with ceramic components

Extreme temperatures or aggressive chemicals: Our range of hybrid housing bearings is unique in terms of functionality.

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Identifying and repairing rolling bearing damage

Rolling bearing damage can have a wide variety of causes and is not necessarily caused by a faulty original product. However, most companies are unable to carry out a detailed damage analysis – good thing Findling Wälzlager’s experts can provide further assistance here: Damage analysis is part of the service portfolio. Findling Wälzlager acts as an independent partner that looks into the causes of the ball bearing defects and helps solve problems.

New profile and roughness measurement

Recently, a profile and roughness measuring device was added to the Findling Wälzlager quality laboratory. The flexible machine enables different tests to be carried out on roller bearings. This, in turn, helps to ensure seamless quality control from production to outgoing goods.

A look back at 2019

How do I know if I’ve chosen the right bearing clearance class – C0, CN, CM, C2, C3...? An article from our konstruktiv! series. Tips series.

It is not the load rating but the right overall technical specifications that are decisive when it comes to the service life and performance of roller bearings.

Radial bearing/thrust bearing

Combined radial/thrust bearings hold a special position among rolling bearings: They are capable of simultaneously handling very large radial and axial forces and are characterized by their particularly compact design. Findling Wälzlager offers combined bearings in a wide variety of designs and rolling member pairings.

Deep groove ball bearings

With its ABEG® eXtreme product family, Findling Wälzlager offers high performance that is paired a longer service life and fast delivery times at a very good price/performance ratio. One of the four available series is Xclean: Deep-groove ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, thrust bearings, needle-roller bearings and numerous other series are suitable for use in damp, corrosive or aggressive chemical environments.

Findling Wälzlager has invested in a new digital microscope that makes optical 2D and 3D measurements with a measurement resolution of 0.05 µm possible. The microscope can visualize roller bearing surfaces in 3D and magnify them 2000x. This allows processes in quality assurance, damage analysis, and complaint management to be optimized and accelerated.