New digital microscope for the measurement of rolling bearings | Findling Wälzlager

Damage analysis and quality assurance of rolling bearings

Findling Wälzlager has invested in a new digital microscope that makes optical 2D and 3D measurements with a measurement resolution of 0.05 µm possible. The microscope can visualize roller bearing surfaces in 3D and magnify them 2000x. This allows processes in quality assurance, damage analysis, and complaint management to be optimized and accelerated.

“The new digital microscope enables us to expand service for our customers once again,” explains Klaus Findling, Findling Wälzlager’s Managing Director. “It permits quick and detailed analysis of roller bearings and expands our possibilities.” The measurement result is directly displayed in the 2D or 3D image, allowing complicated matters to be explained quickly and easily, both internally and externally. Among other things, the microscope enables well-defined observation of the finest surface features as well as complete recording and measurement of the object profile, the determination of the surface roughness and the grinding pattern.

The automated determination of the microstructure for material analysis completes the area of application. The high resolution images can be compared, analyzed and saved for further examination and reporting directly in the system.

“Our determination to implement a zero-defect strategy requires seamless quality controls from production to outgoing goods,” says Klaus Findling. To insure its high quality standards, the company runs a quality lab that has its own roller bearing test rig and other highly modern measuring equipment. “The digital microscope is a great addition to our quality lab, but is also used to analyze roller bearing damage.” The damage analysis is part of Findling Wälzlager’s comprehensive service portfolio. Our experts act as independent assessors who investigate the causes of the damage and help solve problems.

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