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How to become...

... an important part of the ABEG® Group.


We will show you the hidden possibilities.

We will show you what the future holds.

We will show you what you will need in the future.


We have been wowing the German and European markets with our roller bearing technology products and solutions for over three generations. You’re invited to become a part of this success story.

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Global roller bearing procurement Global Procurement

We maintain a very cooperative relationship and together we inspire our customers. Do your solutions offer added value and create competitiveness while being environmentally sustainable? Then you meet or essential requirements for a strategic supplier relationship.

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"Our heads are round so our thoughts can change direction" -  Francis Picabia - 1922 (French painter, graphic artist and writer)

We offer you an environment to turn your ideas into reality and tread new paths.

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We supply an extensive European network of resellers. As an ABEG® distributor, you gain access to over 50,000 products relating to roller bearing technology, excellent conditions, and rapid processing. With our special services, we will inspire not only you but also your customers.

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