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Are you looking for an S-type bearing or possibly a more specialised housing bearing?

Bearing inserts with an eccentric ring are often referred to as S-type bearings.

Standard housing product range

Technical information

Additional information

D1pre-greased with lithium soap grease, can be relubricated
D2like D1, but with three lubrication holes in the outer ring of the bearing insert for compatibility with European designs
M1like D1, but the bearing insert is treated with a black oxide coating for corrosion protection
L3bearing insert with three-lip seal
ENEW: “semi-solid” base design for higher loads despite a decrease in weight
K2high-temperature design, seal containing silicone
K3non-contact seals for high speeds (fans)
S3100% noise-tested, for example for fans, with anti-twist protection
S5combination of K3 + S3 + increased accuracy for bearing clearance, and tighter tolerances
Y1standard roller bearing steal with ceramic balls
Y2made of stainless steel with ceramic balls
Y3made of stainless steel with ceramic balls and solid lubricant
Y7bearing insert made of special stainless steel, cage made of fluorine resin


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Extremen Anforderungen trotzen diese Produkte von FYH mit Gehäusen aus Edelstahl und Lagereinsätzen aus Vollkeramik oder in Hybridausführung (Ringe und Käfig aus Edelstahl mit Keramikkugeln).


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Die neuen Pendelrollenlagereinheiten von FYH mit Fluchtungsfehler ausgleichender Dichtung für harte Umgebungsbedingungen und maximale Tragzahlen in einbaufertigen und montagefreundlichen Gehäuselagern.


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Sortimentskatalog für korrosionsarme Produkte von FYH: Gehäuselager aus Edelstahl, technischem Kunststoff und Alu-Druckguss. Einzigartige Sortimentsvielfalt mit Zubehör.


Housing bearings with outstanding sealing technology

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Rolling bearing damage can have a wide variety of causes and is not necessarily caused by a faulty original product. However, most companies are unable to carry out a detailed damage analysis – good thing Findling Wälzlager’s experts can provide further assistance here: Damage analysis is part of the service portfolio. Findling Wälzlager acts as an independent partner that looks into the causes of the ball bearing defects and helps solve problems.

How do I know if I’ve chosen the right bearing clearance class – C0, CN, CM, C2, C3...? An article from our konstruktiv! series. Tips series.

It is not the load rating but the right overall technical specifications that are decisive when it comes to the service life and performance of roller bearings.

Mobile Maschinen

Cover story of the Mobile Maschinen specialist journal – suitable solutions for extreme operating conditions thanks to Findling’s professional application consulting.

Xforce housing bearing

Housing bearings for heavy-duty applications are now also available as part of the Findling’s special Xforce product range. They can also handle high loads and rough ambient conditions and are therefore optimally suited for use in conveyor systems, construction machinery, plant construction, agriculture or classic heavy engineering, for example.

air handling housing bearings

Housing bearings with higher speed limits and less heat development. Optimum for thermal, ventilation and air-conditioning technology, systems for air filtration or cleaning, compressors or centrifuges.

agricultural machinery

Bearing types frequently used in agricultural machines include deep-groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings, as well as, in particular, housing bearing units.