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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

The parent company of the ABEG Group is

ABEG Holding GmbH & Co. KG

Findling Wälzlager GmbH is a 100% subsidiary. Other subsidiaries are

  • ABEG Germany GmbH S.p.,k (Poland)
  • ABEG International GmbH
  • ABEG (Shanghai) Bearing Corp. (China) currently being established

ABEG® stands for Advanced Bearing Expert Group

ABEG® stands for product expertise across manufacturers – controlled and permanently monitored by our rolling bearing experts. We combine the interests of all involved company departments such as management, design, quality assurance and purchasing. ABEG® makes technical advantages calculable and economic benefits verifiable. We can help you identify and exploit your potential for process optimisation and cost savings!

On the procurement side

A technically and economically optimal offer can only be created in close cooperation with the best of the best in the respective market segment. We bring together manufacturers, service providers, test laboratories and research institutions in the form of technology partnerships. We consolidate expertise and create new offers (products and services) around rolling bearing technology.

On the distribution side

Products alone generate only a fraction of the possible added value for our customers. Services and the distribution network are our multipliers! Experts from logistics (C-parts management, Kanban, consignment, packaging) and e-commerce (EDI-catalogue and web shop) to the classic local technical sales representative on site ensure that your procurement concepts can be implemented.

With the development in China in particular, the range of products on offer on the global world market has become unmanageable for decision-makers in design, purchasing and quality management. Rolling bearings are manufactured almost everywhere in the world under very different conditions and with very different technological possibilities. With the same dimensions and in compliance with the ISO standard, products are thus created at different price and performance levels.

Our four performance classes cover all application conditions in a technically and economically optimal way – including yours

We determine your optimum and then determine the performance class. This way, you only pay what you really need for an ABEG® product: no undersizing and no oversizing!

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