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Dosing systems for roller bearing greasing

Findling Wälzlager has invested in two dosing systems for roller bearing grease as well as in a special cleaning system. This makes it possible to produce special bearings on small and medium scales of up to 1000 units per batch size. The cleaning system guarantees oil-free roller bearing surfaces with a surface tension in line with VDA of 40 mN/m such that even high-quality PTFE greases can be reliably processed.

High-quality PTFE greases require the raceway surface to be free of oil because residues from oil or other preservatives act like a separating agent between the surface and the PTFE grease during greasing, thus dramatically reducing the effectiveness of the greases. Findling Wälzlager’s current, water-based cleaning system was not suitable for processing these greases. For this reason, the company has invested in a new device that can be used to reliably clean surfaces. The observance of limit values is always guaranteed thanks to corresponding tests.

The dosage of these high-quality, expensive greases, which can quickly cost 500 euros per 100 g, is also challenging. In customary dosing pumps with dosage valves, the grease consumption is too high because residues of up to 500 g are typically left in the lines. That is why Findling Wälzlager has acquired secure and economical dosing systems in which other greases and oils cannot be carried over and the “dead,” i.e. unusable, line residues are kept to a minimum. Since deep-groove ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, and needle-roller bearings need to be greased at Findling, two different systems are relied on. They are tailored to the various requirements of each bearing type, allow quick grease changes, and ensure low tolerance ranges. The smallest bearings are greased with quantities of only 0.05 g of grease, with almost no upper limits to this. Grease filling quantities of 80% of the free space can be achieved without any problems.

In the case of bearings with special greases such as PTFE, oil-based preservatives are not possible. Because of this, they are packaged in bags or rolls that produce a protective gas atmosphere. “This kind of special greasing is a challenging task given to us by our customers because errors in the process can result in bearing failure. Through intense collaboration with our customers, we were able to develop and implement full process documentation from the receipt of goods to the cleaning process and greasing all the way to packaging with batch tracking. At this point, we are capable of providing complete PPAP documentation and thus meeting the needs of the automotive industry,” says Klaus Findling, Findling Wälzlager’s Managing Director.

Special greasing of Findling Wälzlager bearings is of interest for customers who cannot or do not want to take on such complex tasks in their own production process. In addition, the lead time for sampling with special greases can also be drastically reduced by re-greasing standard products from stock. We can also quickly carry out sampling with different greases to test the best possible application suitability. With flexibility and speediness in mind, Findling Wälzlager has created a new offer that opens up new vistas for mechanical engineering in times of rising individual customer requirements.

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