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Inner rings ground without twisting for optimum raceways

The use of inner rings ground without twisting, for example in conjunction with radial shaft seals, comes with a series of advantages: Among other things, this makes it possible to prevent lubricants from leaking and increases the service life of the sealing lips. Findling now also offers these components in two performance classes. A high degree of automation during production also allows large-scale production to benefit from attractive conditions and a maximum level of efficiency as well as...

Findling has added inner rings ground without twisting to its product range. The new products are manufactured exclusively for Findling by a long-time supplier. “Our long-term close and trusting cooperation with our suppliers means that we can continuously expand and improve the Findling product portfolio,” says Klaus Findling, Findling Wälzlager GmbH’s Managing Director.

Normal inner rings without twist-free machining are mostly used as raceways in needle roller bearings if the shaft itself can’t be used as a raceway in certain applications or greater axial displacement should be possible.

Inner rings ground without twisting, however, have another function. They create optimum running areas for sealing lips, especially those of radial shaft seals. This makes it possible to prevent lubricant from migrating or even escaping from the machine elements. The abrasion of the sealing lip is also reduced compared to normal inner rings, thus giving it a significantly longer service life.

The process-related “twisting” of inner rings can be eliminated by using a special grinding process. The shaft itself no longer needs to be machined without twisting. This eliminates a laborious additional step in the production process, which increases the productivity and efficiency of an assembly.

Findling Wälzlager’s inner rings ground without twisting are available in all standard sizes from a shaft diameter of 5 mm, but also in custom sizes upon request. The highly automated production process also allows cost-effective production of large quantities.

Inner rings ground without twisting
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