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Cages, bearing clearance, fits: properly specifying rolling bearings

There are a lot of popular misconceptions when it comes to the selection of roller bearings. A good example of this is the myth regarding the load capacity of roller bearings: the specification of the load factor in the catalog and above all the overall correct technical specification are both crucial in determining the performance of a bearing. When making the right selection, the bearing clearance and fit also play a decisive role in addition to the cage.

Depending on the size and requirements profile, various roller bearing cage designs are available. Sheet metal cages are suitable for small roller bearings. For larger bearings, solid cages should be used. Special or customized cages from Findling Wälzlager are able to meet very particular requirements. By the way: existing problems can often be solved by using the right roller bearing cages.

It is important to follow a few basic rules when selecting the bearing clearance of roller bearings. For example, a larger bearing clearance is generally recommended for high-temperature applications. The reason: when the bearings thermally expand, a temperature difference arises between the inner and outer ring, and the bearing clearance decreases.

Last but not least, the fit is very important for performance of a roller bearing. If the wrong fit is chosen, a significantly reduced operating bearing clearance due to high friction in the bearing can lead to wear or material removal on the rolling element raceways. In general, the choice of fit should always be based on the load ratio. The higher the loads, the higher the chosen interference should be. It should be noted that an interference fit decreases the bearing clearance.

If you’re unsure when it comes to selecting cages, bearing clearance, and fits, you should consult an expert. Professional application consulting from Findling Wälzlager involves using computer simulations and our in-house ABEG® computation software to precisely analyze the requirements of the specific application. For customers who prefer acquiring their own expert knowledge, Findling Wälzlager offers a training program. If there’s a problem with existing applications, Findling Wälzlager can provide additional assistance with a professional damage analysis. The company will act as an independent partner that looks into the causes of the damage and help solve problems.

The right roller bearing selection
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